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West's Best Gourmet Line

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Hot Pepper Butter

    Although it is classified as a relish, our Hot Pepper Butter definitely packs more multi-faceted flavors into its jar than the typical condiment. From that unmistakable spicy wax pepper kick to that Wild & Wonderful West Virginia honey kiss, our Hot Pepper Butter offers a surprise to any dish! It makes ubiquitous eggs and potatoes exciting again, and vivifies party dips and salad dressings. The West's Best recipe was created by the Doug & Sherry West family of Parkersburg, WV. ThistleDew Farm carries on the tradition of using locally grown peppers, honey and other fine ingredients. Try a teaspoon! Our Hot Pepper Butter was judged "Best in the Western Hemisphere" at the annual Miami, FL Food & Beverage Show. Chef Paul Prudhomme was one of the judges!

Sold in 6.5oz and 16oz jars.

6.5oz:  1-3 jars $5.95 each, 4-11 jars $5.50 each, 12 jars or more $5.25 each

16oz:  1-3 jars $7.95 each, 4-11 jars $7.00 each, 12 jars or more $6.75 each


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6.5 oz Hot Pepper Butter

16oz Hot Pepper Butter $7.95


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