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Hand Dipped / Molded Candles

For quiet evenings or elegant dinners (power outages too!) our hand dipped beeswax candles set the atmosphere. All natural with cotton wicks make our candles a welcome addition to your table. Two individual candles joined together by the wick in 8 and 12 inch sizes.  Also available are Molded Hexagonal and Obelisk Tapers.

Name Price


1 pair 8" Hand Dipped Gift Boxed

 1 pair 8" Hand Dipped Tissue Wrapped $6.50
1 pair 8" Hexagonal Gift Boxed $6.95
1 pair 8" Hexagonal Tissue Wrapped $6.50

1 pair 12" Hand Dipped/Molded Gift Boxed

 1 pair 12" Hand Dipped/Molded Tissue Wrapped $8.50
1 pair 10.5" Obelisk Gift Boxed $8.95
1 pair 10.5" Obelisk Tissue Wrapped $8.50

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